Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Epic Calendar Fail

I could blame it on my professor, since he fails to make use of the calendar that the school trained us all on back in January.  I could also blame it on my life.  Still, if the six other adults in the class could figure it out, I suppose there’s not really a good excuse for why I (an adult) missed the deadline.

But I did.  By five days.  Five days is five letter grades, which (at least in theory) means an F on the paper.  Given the way its weighted, it would make my final grade in the class….a 90.  By far the lowest grade I’ve gotten in the program so far.

So that sucketh a little bit.  (‘Scuse the Francais.)

But oh well.  I turned it in, did the course evaluation while the adrenaline was still pumping, and now just have to write the Evil Dr. Crankypants essay for my other class.  Which, now that I’ve had a little perspective session, is not going to be that bad.  After all, if I get an F on that paper, I’ll still get like a 90 in the course.  These are the blessings of doing well on the forums.  You can slack at the end and still not look like a total nimrod on transcripts.


  1. Haha! You have a Dr. Crankypants? I have a Dr. Anal. I know--not terribly charitable. That might be why I have to go to confession on Saturday. ;)

  2. Is a 90 NOT still an A? One of the saving graces of college for me was that anything between a 90 and 100 was still just an A... no one would know otherwise :-P (So why try for more than like, 91?... just to be safe, lol)