Thursday, April 07, 2011

3am Radio

It’s getting to where I can almost guarantee being awake sometime before 2 and 4.  It’s either me, V, a dream, the phone, the weather, a cat, or just “something.”  I think this one was a dream, but now I’m stuck awake listening to him breathe the breath of the Congested.  Not good.  At first I thought it was the dreaded Barf coming to see us again, but it sounds like just sinus stuff.

I’m coming to hate the Barf.  I know its coming, when he wakes up at midnight, is either very chipper or very difficult, stays awake at least a half hour, then going to sleep suddenly, only to (without warning) throw up in the bed almost immediately.

Tonight he never woke up, so I think I’m safe there.  However, I am not feeling all 100% myself, and wondering whether one of the two of us is going to be sick is keeping me awake.

Did you really want to know all that?  Why are you still reading this?

So naturally, I get on the internet to see if anything interesting is going on.  Of course there isn’t, so I’m stuck wanting to be sleeping, wanting to be sleepy, and getting neither.  Boo.  Cry for me, Argentina.

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  1. that's not fun missy. both of you *poof* should be feeling better and sleeping through the night!!