Monday, January 12, 2009

Back in the Saddle

And again, dear reader, you see me making an effort at sticking around. Don’t expect a lot of anything interesting to happen in the next several weeks, but after that I forsee myself in a place where time to blog will be more aplenty. We graduate from our current school (“we” meaning Joseph) this Friday, and begin the gradual and laborious process of packing and moving in the following two weeks. February will see us upon the beach at our new duty station, lapping up the driving winds and wet sprays that only winter on the Atlantic has to offer. After eight weeks of bliss, we’ll pack it up and head west for another school’s worth of “vacation,” this time for five months on the Midwest plains.

After that, we return to paradise (i.e. the beach) and shall live out a goodly portion of our life in one piece, in one place. Sort of. How does this all relate to blogging, you ask? I will tell you. Only 16 hours remain in my current working woman career, that's how. Once work has ended and I slide in to the oozy existence of an unemployed married person, suddely oozy things like blogs will become higher priority than making myself a lunch and getting to work on time. Oh, and I won't be spending hours and hours and hours listening to persons around me sharing opinions from their brains and stories from their life and information about their healthcare choices that I never, in a million years never, wanted to know about. I can't wait.