Thursday, July 24, 2008


Snug the Cat (or, Snug the Amazing Incredible Warrior Cat) is, at the moment of this writing, on the back porch dining on my houseplant. Despite his recently-dramatic living arrangement alterations, he seems to have become a well adjusted house pet. His time is largely spent asleep, either in the bathtub or in the bedroom window. Today he got his first confirmed kill (a fly)!

Snug the Cat

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen.......the dangling modifier.

"GRANITE CITY, Ill. — Police and FBI agents captured an ex-convict suspected of killing eight people in two states as he smoked a cigarette outside of a southwestern Illinois bar Tuesday night."

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


It is, yes, still weird to say “my husband.” In fact, I continue to word my sentences on purpose to not have to say “my husband,” because it still seems so strange. Pretentious, almost. Sniff. I have a husband. Ha!

Every morning, his alarm clock goes off at 0345. Then again at 0350. Then again at 0400. Also at 0400, my cell phone alarm goes off, and at 0402 his cell phone alarm goes off. At 0405, all three clocks go off together, then my cell phone goes off for a final time at 0415. This is to ensure that he gets to base on time. I’m convinced that this method does nothing more than deprive you of a half hour’s sleep, but enough people are disciples of the “wake up gradually by many alarms” method, that I can’t really knock it in earnest. Besides, my own method didn’t work so well this morning—I turned the darn thing off without even waking up, then slept in until the precise moment when I should have been leaving the house. Still made it to work on time (barely), but it made for a complicated morning. Especially since I’m the one driving the car without decals this week.