Friday, April 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes

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Ok, these will be very quick:

1. I love my husband.  Plain and simple.

2. Had a series of rockin’ awesome debates with peeps this week.  I still think some of them are slightly nutty, and I still think that others of them are amusing, and I still think that even others (it was a lot of debates) are complete loons, but I had a great time.

3. I love the beach, and all its wet, ocean-y peacefulness, but would never ever ever ever want to live right on the coast.  It wrecks your hair, your car, your home, and all the fabric in your house.  Grossness.

4. Happy birthday to my mommy!  She gave me Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals for my birthday (which, incidentally, happens to also be hers).

5. The big footlocker my husband sent home has arrived!!  The end is in sight!!  What a great feeling. :)

6. Got a thank you note from good buddy Tony, and was re-inspired to pray for him that he finds a mate.  God, send Tony a mate!  A nice girl, who can teach him to assemble furniture while he teaches her to cook.  :)  See, my husband remembers these things all the time.  I have to get letters in the mail, reminding me of the people I forget to pray for.  This is a bad thing.

7. I have the funniest child on the planet Earth.  Just sayin.’.  You should all mourn and weep every day that whenever I get the video camera out he ceases to amuse and instead wails to be allowed to hold the camera.  Because if he’d let me video him a little, we’d be viral internet sensations.  The internet couldn’t handle the funny.

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