Friday, April 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Ok, here I go again.  This will be the first time I ever did a link party more than one week in a row.  In fact, let’s just make that fact #1 on the list and keep moving.

2. V went to bed at 6pm last night, and woke up….I’m not sure when.  It was definitely still dark, and it was definitely more than an hour ago.  It’s going to be an awfully long day.  I’m really interesting in finding out how to go back to Sunday, when he slept from 4pm until 8am.

3. Prayer requests about this week!  For a friend and college professor who has been diagnosed with bone cancer; for my brother as he leaves college and discerns the next step in his life; for a little girl who is life-or-death struggling with lung infections as a bizarre result of pneumonia; for peace in the heart of a friend whose newfound Catholicism is putting her to the test, as old friends and old ways still seem to look so appealing.

4. I have the second garden box together now, which gives me a total of five containers (two large, three very small) housing the future Bounty From The Yard.  I have to buy one more bag of dirt today, and then everything will be in the ground.  Peppers (3 kinds), tomatoes, peas, lettuce, spinach, and herbs.  Yay!  And there’s room for something else, I just haven’t decided what.

5. Only one assignment of any sort left for school.  Yes, it’s the awful terrible paper for Dr. Crankypants, but it’s only ONE assignment.  I did everything else last night, including the extra responses on the last message board.  Growing up, summer wasn’t so radically different from the school year that we looked forward to it rabidly—but now, I’m so excited for summer I can’t see straight.  Cannot.  Wait.

6. My college loan is paid off!  That happened last week, actually, but I forgot to put it on the list.

7. Once again, finding seven things is impossible!  I’ve already blogged about so much of what happened around here this week….

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