Friday, April 22, 2011

7 Good Friday Takes

I don’t think Jennifer is doing this over at her blog today, given the Holy Silence that many are (rightly) maintaining through Passiontide.  But I haven’t blogged in almost a week, and some things have happened that are worth sharing.

1. I have turned in all my coursework!  Hurray!  This is as of Wednesday night, and of course I’ll be waiting for grades at least two weeks.  Bring a bothersome new academic meaning to “watch and pray.”

2. My awesome husband was officially selected for promotion.  :)  While I realize that this is normal, it’s still fun to see it all in writing.  I’m so proud of him!

3.  My son, when undistracted and properly prompted, will point to the Crucifix when asked, “Where’s Jesus?”  WIN!

4. I received further confirmation last night that, while capable help is better than none at all, I hate when it’s a group of mothers that have to organize and facilitate altar server training.  Our situation is unique in the number of fathers available full-time, and I understand that it’s a reasonable excuse, as was the Chaplain’s reason for not being in attendance (Mass at the brig, and then confessions).  But I do so wish for more educated and interested men to come take over the servers.  See #2, above, for a good example.

5. Will be singing the Exsultet again this Easter.  Something else I wish we had a guy to do.  Where are all the Catholic men??  I could write a whole post on that.  In fact, Father B asked me yesterday if I could send him a couple bullet points on why we needed priests on active duty.  He got about eight paragraphs…and I was just getting started.  I find myself quite eloquent on this subject.

6. Very sad story this week, about a homeschool family from Pennsylvania.  I don’t know them personally, but my husband and his family do.  Their 11-year-old daughter has been fighting a vicious staph  infection in her lungs for nearly a month.  The family’s faith and example of grace throughout the ordeal has been so inspiring—especially through this week.  With medication failing and her poor little body slowly bleeding to death, the family made the difficult decision of pulling the ventilator and other machines which were keeping her body going.  The little girl died on Wednesday afternoon.  The nearly 3,000 people that had joined a facebook prayer group about her are still members, and many have posted that they (like me) check the page every day, no longer for medical updates, but to read how the family’s trust in Jesus has inspired them.  Everyone has a message of thanks, or a prayer, or a word of admiration for this great example of suffering, acceptance, and hope in the Resurrection.  Really beautiful story , in the face of such tragedy.

7. I can’t think of a seventh thing, again!  Just that you won’t hear from me for a while, most likely, because I’m doing a little vay-cay at the beach with my peeps this week, then heading to PA to see my in-laws one more time before my husband gets home.  Yay, travel!  Oh, and I’ll get the car worked on while it’s up there.  Sad that I drive the poor thing 750 miles in order to get the oil changed.  But you know what?  The difference in cost still beats the amount I spend on gas—even at $4.07 a gallon.  How sad is that?

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