Friday, April 08, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1.  Up at 0500 this morning because someone I loved needed IT support from several thousand miles away.  On the upshot, we had a nice uninterrupted conversation because no one else was awake to be clogging the server!

2. On the down side, our conversation was primarily about our stupid government and how military servicemen won’t get paid unless something is done, etc, etc, etc, etc.  There’s a lot to this, and I realize that it’s much less simple than just “pass a budget!” but it’s still really irritating and annoying to know exactly what the future holds with regards to back pay, incorrect amounts, DFAS, and what an unholy mess it’s all going to be.

3. My mom is coming to visit!  Smile Smile

4. Still on the Great Furniture Search.  I found the perfect items, in the Pottery Barn catalog, of course.  I added up all the things I picked out, for the bedroom and for an office, and the grand total was $11, 799.  So.  Yeah.  Back to the resale store I go.

5. To the great joy of someone, I’ve started locking the cats out of the bedroom at night.  I’m tired of listening to them play at night, especially when it involves crossing the bed at high speeds, or jumping up and clinging to the end of the pillow with a wild eye, before dashing off again in the opposite direction.  I had intended to do this about a month before he got back anyway, but started early because they were driving me nuts.  Now, of course, I get up and have a mental battle every time I open the door at night—is something out there that I can’t see?  What was that noise?  Should I take the pistol, or the big metal flashlight with me?

6. It’s still on my mind, so here’s more of why I’m really ticked off.  Actually, this makes me madder than all the rest.  Flagrant disrespect for the country he’s supposed to be serving.

7. Coming up with seven things is harder than it looks, especially at 0611 in the morning.  Final thing, I guess, would be that I’ll have gone to the gym a record 4 times this week!  I enjoy it, except for how we seem to bring home some kind of sickness from the playroom about every fifth visit.  Once my punchcard for childcare runs out, I think I’ll quit going and just bike or run outside instead.

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  1. Um, yep, you are just basically a kindred spirit. :)

    Did you see this one? Ugh! I am going to try to chalk it up to ignorance, not malice:

    If you want to send me the link to the conference, I am happy to post it!

    I hope you get that paycheck! I can't believe they are playing around with military pay, but won't stop their own paychecks.

  2. But can you believe that they think murdering babies is ok? Because it's the same people--the ones who won't pay us are the ones who always pay themselves are the ones who say abortion "healthcare."