Thursday, November 04, 2010


Having a stat counter is fun, because it gives you a little picture of who visits and why. For example, back in the summer, my post on Toy Story 3 got me literally hundreds of visitors who had googled "what is ascot toy story movie" and gotten my blog as the #3 hit. Who knew?

Unfortunately, until you correctly input the IP address of yourself (which the counter is supposed to ignore) and finalize all your settings, you also get a clear picture of just how many times you visit your own blog in a day.



  1. 1) I want a stat counter!! What one do you use?
    2) 3:31AM woman... haven't you learned that when baby is sleeping, you should be too? I mean, he's a year old now!
    3) As long as you navigate to everywhere else from your blog, it's OK. It should have nearly as many hits from you as google does. :-D At least that's what I'm starting with. What I don't want to see is how many times I visit FACEBOOK a day. THAT, my dear, is embarrassing.


    I just let mine live at the bottom of the page, because it isn't formatted exactly the way I wanted. They have lots of fun options, though...

  3. The second most popular post on my blog (after the Home Page button), is the one where I describe a dinner conversation we had with your brother wherein he suggested David Wenham ought to have been cast as Robin Hood instead of Russell Crowe. I pity the folks who came to my blog looking for "Faramir."