Thursday, November 04, 2010


Tempting as it is to just steal my husband's identity and post this on facebook (see, people, I still read it from time to time, so don't go talking about me behind my back), I shall refrain. I shall make my pissy but called-for comment here.

You PEOPLE need to STOP WHINING about the issues within the Republican Party and the conservative movement in this country. You need to STOP making snarky and/or negative comments about the people who have won elections in recent days, you need to STOP making deprecatory statements about voter apathy and how few people turned out to vote. You need to stop pontificating about how those who have come to power are a "poor face" for the conservative movement, you need to stop moping about who didn't win way the hell back in 2008, 2004, or 2000 (or 1988).

This is WHY conservatism is PUNY in this country--we're all too interested in complaining about what we've got, and eternally looking for a better option, to WORK WITH what's on the table and make the best of it. Young voters are turned off by cynical, cranky, doubtful people like you. Old voters are turned off by you. I'M turned off by you. It's time to say, "Ok, this is wonderful. People are showing that they aren't happy with the way things are going. People are trying to improve the situation. It's going to be a slow battle. Let's roll."

You can't expect your kid to EVER get past T-Ball if you stand there griping about his stance and his technique every minute. He's going to get depressed, get frustrated, and quit. How about some cheers and support?

Geez louise.


  1. Also, uh, pretty sure that no one who reads my blog is one of the above people, so I think this is a safe place to vent.

    If you are one of the above people...STOP WHINING.

    No offense.

  2. hahaha. I'm ONE of the people in your little rant... just not the one you're ranting at :-P. I'm in the "my vote isn't going to change anything, I have no idea what's best and honestly, forgot to re-register when arriving in VA, and find the laws (last I looked) aggravating for military wives"... which is probably why so many ignore the laws as it is and just vote in "their state of residence"... and don't believe me when I tell them that technically... that's not allowed. I should probably look them up again this year to see if they changed along with that tax law...

  3. They did change it! You can adopt your husband's home of record and keep it (if it was the same already, you don't have to change it when you move all the time)--driver's license, voter registration, the whole banana. It doesn't require you to own property or independently have some residence there like it used to. Much improved.

    :) I haven't done it, because it requires some amount of communication with myself and the state of Pennsylvania.

    And your vote does change things. Your and everybody else's. If 100 people who "didn't matter" had voted in 2000, the election in Florida might have been different. Just 100 people!!

  4. Hi Jen! Well said, I'm sick of all the complaining too!