Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some things

I told someone special that I'd post more pictures, specifically all the ones that I'd dumped from my phone to the computer in the last couple days--since the Great Computer Crash. Re-ordering pictures on this stupid post editor is virtually impossible, though, so the order of photos does not precisely reflect reality. What the hey.

In the "pool" at Nina's:
Enjoying homecoming at Christendom:
Sir Edmund Hilleary:

On a walk near the house (most recent pic):

Pickle on his second day as a domesticated animal:

Pickle in his second week as a domesticated animal:

All over with a #4:

See food at the Chinese place: Pushing the envelope (this is the way he goes in and out from under the table, every time): And finally, to finish off this little tour of my life, a shot taken mere moments before I began composition of this post (which, considering my photo posting frequency, is practically a picture of the future):

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  1. What a cutie! Thank you for sharing ....I'm sure they are very cherished by that someone special.

    Give the wee one a hug and kiss for us!