Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Awful Truth

Ok, I only got two "scheduled" posts written, and one of them has already appeared. (The other one is coming Thursday.) The problem arose on Sunday afternoon, when Windows Update killed my poor laptop. Soooooooooo, for the second time in two weeks, I had to nuke the hard drive and start over with this blasted machine.

So, no other scheduled posts. And no fun pictures of everything I've done for the past two or three months, because running the file restore to get all my pictures and files back (AGAIN) is going to take several days. You'll just have to enjoy my live posting and virtual presence this week. As available.

Had a great visit with Betsy yesterday (it occurs to one, with much accompanying embarassment and guilt, that to grammatically correct your friend's engraved and/or monogrammed gifts is not tastful) and a not-unbearable drive. Took about 13 hours with the stop halfway, and this morning the car is already safely tucked away at the dealership to have the brakes redone. Much progress. Much amazingness.

Perhaps more to come later this week. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. FORTUNATELY, it was a gift, so I didn't do the engraving. lol. And it was on-topic. And I <3 u, so no harm done ;) You can still come back. I'm just never going to engrave anything for you, for fear I do it wrong ;) ;) ;).

    (and yes, I stalk your blog - but I also stalk everyone else's blog - it's just more fun to comment on yours :-P)