Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not Dead

Merely resting my blog. It needed some vacation time.

When I mentioned in the last post we would leave PA "bright and early," I should have said "dark and early." V and got moving at 0420 Friday morning, moved our tails on down the road, had a nice lunch with my family (at Five Guys), then spent a solid SIX hours at Busch Gardens. I rode the Griffon (only roller coaster running--boo) like six times (yay), the last time in the front row (YAY). Awesome times.

On Saturday, we walked and walked and walked and walked around Williamsburg. Toured the Palace, toured the Capitol, generally enlarged our minds. Had dinner to celebrate my baby sister's 16th birthday. Sat around the hotel room and read school books.

On Sunday, we went to Mass at a Poor Clare Monastery, had a big breakfast with Uncle Mike, then scooted on home. Sunday night V spent his first night in the big boy bed. So far, so good. Last night he came and got on the floor and slept with me (sometime after midnight, not really sure when), but in general he's sleeping at least four hours straight (at a time) in the bed. And no night time nursing. BIG step. :)

So that's the story. I've been teaching since I got back, cleaning the house, answering phone calls, cleaning some more, putting up the Christmas tree (no comments please, Advent People), putting the wreaths on the outside of the house (boo), packing up boxes to mail overseas, organizing my desk, and trying to overcome the beast that is my garage. Many things happening, none of which involve the blog.

Oh, and I have a paper due at midnight. I should be reading my book right now.


  1. What comments would Advent People be making? Surely not "too early" as it is officially the Christmas Season now... and not "too late" since Advent is a time for preparations - and it's 4 weeks long, so technically... you've got 4 weeks from start to finish. In my book at least. My goal for today is to get the Advent Wreath OUT and ON a table. If I do that today... I will deem it a success! (Christmas tree goes up this weekend)

  2. Ha! I've been listening to Christmas music since early November! I love this time of year!! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful trip. At some point I'm going to have to get my ahem! in gear and come see you guys. :)

  3. No night nursing? That is a big step! I had this kid sleeping through the night months ago, but the good times are definitely over. His latest trick is waking up at 4 a.m., thinking it's morning. That's after waking up several times during the night, too. Wears me out. :P