Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Free Stuff

Head yourself on over to Homeschooling Resource Dot Org to enter a book giveaway. It's only open for two weeks, so hurry hurry hurry. Nice feature of this giveaway--no invasive inquiring about detailed personal information. Just yo name, man.

Also, I have a one year old boy here who would love to come live with you, climb on your furniture, and redecorate your home. Free.


  1. Thanks for the tip for offer #1. As for #2 . . . tempting. ;)

  2. you better watch what you ask for ;) I do recall offering to pay for the shipping...

  3. Lol! Jenn, too funny. I felt the same way about Elizabeth today...and this whole week, actually. I tried to convince her Aunt Laura that she had said she was taking Elizabeth home with her for the day. ;)