Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nice Ascot

So, Toy Story 3 was pretty good.  Not the smash comeback that Toy Story 2 proved to be, but this final installation was in no way a disappointment.  The now-standard “go back and remember the child that once loved you” scene was gut wrenching, and I cried at one part near the end (nothing like I did with “Up!” though, geez…I bawled for like half the movie then) but all-in-all it was great.

Ken and Barbie.  HA!  Too funny.  The vintage (and 80s-90s, do those count as vintage?) toys that make appearances all through the film are really fun, too.  You really feel like the whole thing was just a waltz down memory lane for the animators.

Speaking of waltzing, my in-laws called me from inside “It’s A Small World After All” yesterday, to give me a thrill.  My father-in-law wants a t-shirt that says “I’ve been on It’s A Small World.  You can shoot me now.”

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  1. How funny. Half of my last week's visitors arrived here because they googled either "nice ascot" or "toy story 3." Was I really that high on the search terms?

    Holy crap. I'm the fourth result down.