Saturday, June 05, 2010

Tech Update

I discovered yesterday that V loves being carried around on my arm while I'm crawling--something like the Mommy Gorilla version of babywearing. I have christened this the (go figure) "Mommy Gorilla" and so far the novelty hasn't worn off for either of us. I will tell you, though, that the size ratio of real mommy gorilla-to-baby gorilla is not quite the same as mine-to-V. V will outgrow the Mommy Gorilla soonly.

Anyway. Mommy Gorilla fell asleep yesterday afternoon with the phone in her hand (not unusual), and her hand under her body (not unusual) and when she woke up, the cell phone did not (unusual). Sooo, Mommy Gorilla took the phone to the Verizon guy, who said, "Yep, it'll never wake up again." An hour (!) later, Mommy Gorilla had stolen Daddy's upgrade date (an interesting Verizon perk on family plans) and had herself a new phone with all the data from her old phone restored...except, alas Horatio, the Bejewelled Twist game. It could not be salvaged. My all-time score had to be well above 4,000,000,000. My level achieved was sixty-something, or Twistmaster Omega. I was rockin' that sucker, man.

Probably not a bad thing that I lost the game when the phone died. And there you have it. Awesomest feature discovered so far on the phone--the charging cable is simple a USB, which plugs into a USB port on an AC wall plug when you want to use it for actual charging. Otherwise, the phone speaketh freely to the computadora. Hurrah!


  1. Forgot to be perfectly clear--the photo is of my new phone.

    Also, I think I've fixed the visitor feed, but I have to set it to ignore me every day, it isn't a permanent fix. Dratted thing.