Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

So, Spouse wanted special attention on the blog the other day, because he did something funny. I asked him if that was really the way he wanted my millions of faithful viewers to remember him, and he said yes. So, here goes.

He went to get a refill from the coffee pot (which was on the counter, where it belongs, full of hot coffee), and spent five minutes standing staring into the fridge, wonder why he couldn’t remember what it was he had gone in there to get. So, there we go. Moment of fame for my very special doofus, who has been married to me two whole years as of today, and has neither killed himself, myself, nor gone insane. Pretty impressive.


  1. Tell him, i've done the same thing, though not in that exact form. Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!!

  2. This is hilarious! As a mother, I've done this too many times. :) Happy Anniversary to you both!