Thursday, June 10, 2010


So, it has been a big week for the postal service and my household. I've been holding off blogging, even though myriad interesting and bizarre occurrences have occurred, because I was waiting for something.

My birthday present.

My precious.

The little laptop that Spouse promised I could get.

I ordered it late Saturday night, and the days just d-r-a-g-g-e-d on between then and this morning. This beautiful, sunny, muggy, perfect morning when the hunky and debonair (ok, not really, in fact the guy didn't even say hello and was kind of a twit and a little dumpy looking. love is blind.) FedEx man brought me a big brown box that had shipped from New Jersey. And in that box, that the green grass grew all around all around, was my laptop. And I liketh it so muchly.

Also this week, the baby's little wooden rosary came, and the netflix movie, and the baby's replacement doll-toy-thing because I lost the one he was given by his grandmother. The only thing Mr. Postman owes me now is the $50 Target card that I expected to have come a week ago. So there you have it.

I'm blogging from my own hardware again! Yay!

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