Sunday, June 12, 2011


So, poor Pony Boy (the dog) is out on the porch, asking to be let in.  Evidently, a family of 11 eventually gets so busy being a family that the pup must wait his turn to be loved on.  :)

Here we are, then, visiting the great Anthony in New England.  It’s a lovely thing to spend time with a big, bustling, happy family (and their pup).  V has enjoyed himself right into the pool already, which in Massachusetts in the face of a cold front might not be the best idea he’s had all day.

And so.  Having drunk an entire glass of wine (don’t do that often!) and eaten my yummy curry-chicken-salad-sandwich dinner, I’m off to bed.  The gang has V in hand and Joe is playing chess with Anthony.  My work here is done.


  1. Glad you are having such a beautiful time.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful day! Say hi to Joe and the munchkin for me! :)