Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tempus fudgy brownie.

Three years ago (give or take a couple hours) I got married!  It was a crazy day…the flowers came late, the sacristan put them in the wrong place, the priest who said our wedding (who was at that time in very poor health and quite old.  He’s still old, but his health is much better these days) had fallen in his apartment the night before and pulled a bookshelf down upon himself in his effort to regain his balance and gotten pretty badly hurt, but he didn’t tell anyone until after the wedding.

But I got married!  <3  I love my husband, too.  Last year on our anniversary, we sat at home and ate pizza and watched Start Trek: The Next Generation on DVD.  With V.  And it was a blast.  The year before that, Joseph took me out to Cheesecake Factory in Oklahoma City.  :)  It was fun…I bought a sexy pregnant lady dress for the occasion, and was rockin’ a pair of bright teal ballet flats.  As many of you know, once you get to where you can wear maternity clothes (i.e. once you become pregnant), you discover that all kinds of cute clothes are out there, that you never saw before, because you weren’t knocked up.  And the once you aren’t pregnant any more, you go shopping and find cute things, and 9 times out of 10 you have to say, “Ohhhh, man!  This is a maternity dress!  I can’t wear this!  Darn!” 

So then you wish you were pregnant again so that you can wear all the cute clothes that are stuck in a box in the attic.  And then you’re like, “Seriously?  But you’ll gain 50 lbs and have to drink a gallon of water a day or else get varicose veins!”  And you look back at the dress and go, “Yup.  Totally worth it.” 

“Also, you get a baby at the end.”


Happy anniversary, Joseph!  Thanks for marrying me!  These have been the greatest three years, and I’m looking forward to all the rest.  (In or out of maternity clothes, too, which are on my mind because I’ve been window shopping all these high-brow stores for two weeks in the Deep North, and I swear all of the cute stuff is maternity.  It’s not fair!  But I don’t need cute maternity clothes to be happy I’m married.)  Sorry for the stream-of-consciousness post on what should have been a thoughtful and meditative day…I realized that this is my first skinny anniversary ever, and that got me thinking about how much harder it is to get a cute skinny anniversary outfit that it was when I was pregnant (or last year, when I was just plain fat).  Laughing.  Out.  Loud.  This is the goofiest post ever.  It’s going to seem even goofier when it posts, since I’m writing it a little beforehand (won’t say how many days) since we’ll be traveling on “the day.”  Oh well.  The many sides of me.


  1. Jenn--I love you. This is one of the bests posts ever. I was, literally, laughing out loud.

    Congratulations on three years of joy and love. I am so glad that you two are together for your anniversary. :) Best wishes of many, many more years for you both!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! you off FB?

  3. Hey! Congrats!!!! Three years already since I flew out there from Montana to watch you and Joe get hitched! Lots of love to you both and big hugs sent your way and God Bless you and Joe and V!!!

  4. First: Congratulations!
    Second: I <3 U.