Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Tea Kettle

I’ve been looking for a kettle that has only metal parts, i.e. no plastic handle or whistle.  Its an ongoing search, since last fall when my mom’s kettle caught fire, and last night I finally found one.  And it’s the same funky green color as my mixer.


So now they both live here, green and exciting (both look a little less yellow than this picture would have you believe…) and ready to make stuff.  It’s raining here today, so I really ought to make bread.  I really ought.


  1. from what I hear... rain is FABULOUS by you right now. Oh, and I'm a little "green with envy" (har har) of your mixer... someday... someday I will get a kitchen aid :-P

  2. Mmmm... bread.

    Plastic handles, no good, yes. First hand experience, have I.

  3. What's your kettle? I'm in the market for one. Plastic is not good.