Friday, June 17, 2011

Don’t Judge

Yes, I changed my blog layout again.  I’m done.  I promise not to change it again for at least a week.  I really liked the template immediately previous, actually.  I like the colors and the feel of it, but when I was writing posts in LiveWriter (don’t get me started) I was typing directly onto the pressed-flowers background, and it was virtually impossible to read.

Which was annoying.

Annoying enough to make me change the blog.  But but but!  I saw a really neat button over on that was a radio, and it says “thanks for tuning in.”  So I want to get in on that action.  Maybe I’ll eventually be able to tie in that radio theme thing after all.  Just…gimme a minute.


  1. This does have a little "radio flair!" to it!! (I'm pretending the squiggles at the bottom are sound waves. No, not pretending... stating ;-P) Very nice :-P