Monday, June 20, 2011

I’m not making this up…

And now for Something Completely Different!  Yet still troubling.

This is a quote from the info page for Boston College's chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice:

The Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ) at Boston College Law School promotes discussion, education, and advocacy on issues of reproductive freedom. LSRJ works on reproductive health and choice issues such as global family planning, comprehensive sex education, contraceptive equity and birth control options, safe, legal and accessible abortion, privacy regarding sexuality, and medical care for healthy pregnancies, among others.

We believe that individuals, not governments, have the right to make decisions about their reproductive health. Every person, regardless of gender, race, class or ethnicity has the right to choose whether or not to have sex, use contraception or have a child. LSRF, a chapter of the national organization Law Student for Reproductive Justice, is committed to educating, organizing and supporting pro-choice law students to ensure that a new generation of lawyers will be prepared to successfully defend and expand reproductive rights.

Like our dear Anthony said yesterday, “Hmmmm…. ‘Boston College: A Catholic Institution.’  An interesting place!  Not really in Boston, not actually a college, and definitely not even a little bit Catholic!”  He was right.  I expected BC to be liberal, and I’m not one of those wackos who toss an institution out on its ear just because they happen to teach “women’s studies” or something like that.  Peter Kreeft, in fact, teaches at BC, and said in an interview that, “When people ask me the question about how Catholic BC is, I like to say that it's Catholic enough to feel like my home but at the same time pagan enough to feel like a mission field.”  (I recommend the whole article.  I’m not sure I agree with everything this guy says, but whatever.")  He makes some valid points.  I used to get annoyed in high school (and at Christendom) in my history classes, because the pro-Catholic bias was just a leeetle too much.  Basically, if a Catholic didn’t do it, it wasn’t covered.  Huge swaths of Eastern history (and African as well) were just skipped in favor of focusing on Catholic history.  That bugged me.  We can learn about everything else, people!  Cool stuff was done/found/invented/lost/broken/discovered/conquered by people other than the Holy Roman Empire!  Also, for those who hold fast to the faith, a secular institution is more likely to give you a fair shake on your devout Catholicism than is a liberal “Catholic” college or university.  Just sayin’.

Anyhow.  We expected it to be a liberal place, but the Bumpkin Mazzaras were utterly shocked to find poster after poster, project after project, signboard after signboard totally wrapped up in preaching the need to be accepting and tolerant and approving of homosexuality, homosexual behavior, homosexual marriage, and the whole fam damily of associated topics.  Wow!  Gasp!  We really were shocked.  BC Law is a bastion of militant pro-gay sentiment!  As Joseph said, “How have they not had the title ‘Catholic’ taken away from them?”

Kreeft says that a University in the modern era must necessarily “be pluralistic.”  ‘Scuse me?  Last time I checked, there was Truth, and then there was bat-stuff crazy (I have fallen in love with this phrase.  Did anyone notice?).  Pluralism demands that we set aside Truth as the only thing worth searching for, and demands that we dabble in all manner of bat-stuff just to check it out and see what might be interesting.  I suppose that a well-grounded person can safely browse the Index as Kreeft suggests, and not be in any immediately grave danger.  But what we saw on the walls of the law building was far and beyond dabbling in “what everyone else has to say.”  Besides, your average American college student is utterly and completely NOT EVEN REMOTELY “well-grounded” or in possession of a solid philosophical background.  Gad.  What a mess.

So we were treated firsthand to a view of modern society bashing away at the foundations of the Church.  Like they say (where did I read this??  I can’t remember!), it is not enough for Catholics to tolerate, or even stand in silent disapproval and inaction.  We.  Must.  Condone.  We.  Must. Celebrate.  Homosexuality.  This is not pluralism.  This is the point-blank, unapologetic rejection of basic tenants of the Faith.

BC gets an “F” in Catholicism, Dr. Kreeft.  I think you might have been dabbling a little bit too long.


  1. Ah, B.C. My alma mater. I have stuff to say about it in my reversion story. There is a reason I will never steer my kids there. I remember when JPII died, the big beautiful alumni magazine had a one page article, buried in the middle, with a few quotes from him about social justice. The whole WORLD was interested in this man and his passing, but not BC. Ugh.

    The law school sounds even worse.

  2. Another great post. I especially agree with "Basically, if a Catholic didn’t do it, it wasn’t covered. Huge swaths of Eastern history (and African as well) were just skipped in favor of focusing on Catholic history," because that frustrated me greatly as well at Christendom. This law school sounds terrible.

  3. Sometimes, a state university is better to attend than a school that claims to be Catholic and really isn't. BC sounds like one of those. State universities - UTenn comes to mind - often have vibrant Catholic Students Centers and spiritual growth opportunities for students. (Oh - and UNC Chapel HIll too)

  4. It's not just BC, it's also the Catholic schools and hospitals in Boston too. The archdiocese is even having a "Gay Pride" mass. You are so F. Never set Truth aside. Amen.

  5. Hmmmmm....sounds like my school, which is Lutheran in name only! Every year we are tortured with a rendition of the "vagina monologues" and various homosexual pride events. Not to mention the "women's center" which gives me the creeps every time I walk in the door. I'm sorry, but some of that stuff is just not necessary on a college campus no matter what the denomination! You're right, "your average American college student is utterly and completely NOT EVEN REMOTELY “well-grounded” or in possession of a solid philosophical background." frustrates the hell outa me!