Sunday, June 05, 2011


Windows Live Mail on my laptop has decided that the “deleted items” folder is corrupt and unreadable, therefore I cannot delete any items.  This is bogus.  If I put things into the spam folder, empty it (into deleted items) and then empty the “deleted items” folder, it all deletes.  One day, William Gates, you’re going to push me too far.

We had a great weekend up in Raleigh with the cousins and assorted adult figures.  Two baseball and one T-ball game—and I loved every minute.  I’m sure after an entire season the waiting and watching would get onerous, but this was just hysterical.  The little 5-year-olds running around doing their thing, or not doing it, cracked me up.  I got there a little late (had to pick up donuts) and by the time I got to the field the kids were out there in a line, “listening” to their coach talk.  It was like a cartoon.

One was facing the wrong direction (i.e. backwards), one had his hat on backwards and was breathing through his glove like Darth Vader, two were conversing, the set of twin sisters were each fiddling with their shoelaces (at opposite ends of the line), and then two were actually facing the coach as he gave his spiel.  I laughed a lot.

I’d go insane, trying to herd that bunch.

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