Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday

So, Betsy does “Touch-Up Tuesday” on her blog, but I’m too lazy to type that much.  However, I do have an overall favorite from the portraits I did on Sunday (no offense to family!!!), so here it is:


Is she not too cute?  This is one of the few “good” shots I got that weren’t posed.  And I was so happy with it!  Then I used lightroom to make it even more…better.


  1. 1) Super cute.
    2) too lazy to type that much? There's a "SOOC" picture and an "edited" picture! That's it! (You CAN write more, but you 100% do NOT have to!)
    3) While I appreciate that you think I'm the "best"y-est... close, but no cigar ;)

  2. (p.s. the 3rd point there... your link is wrong :-/ It doesn't go anywhere)