Saturday, March 26, 2011


Don’t laugh at me. You might think this is really strange, but I love talking on my home phone. Meaning, I like the actual experience of having a conversation on the land line, as opposed to talking on my cell phone. It gives one (like I said, don’t laugh) this feeling of belonging, of being in the right place. MY phone, MY house…and someone called me on it! They know where I live, they care about me. : )

Obviously I got a phone call today.

I also finished the project outside, except for the little “side yard” (aka “eyesore”) between the house and the garage. I’ve decided what I want to do with the area, and it’s in progress. I need about 10 more paving stones, but can only put 3-4 in the car at a time because they’re so heavy. Well, I could take more at a time, but usually I’m also getting other things, so I just get however many pavers fill up the extra room. Yay for the military discount at Lowe’s, though! I’m going to get 2 raised beds, an entire front/side landscaped (including plants), and the little eyesore all done for just under $300. Which, in yard dollars, is pretty good! And I feel much less depressed about the way my home looks.

New project: find a dresser for Joseph, preferably before he gets home and rediscovers the fact that his clothes don’t fit in the dresser he’s got (which, somehow, miraculously, we used to share? how did that ever work? the physics don’t seem to add up on that one). The easy part is finding a dresser. The hard part is finding one being sold by someone who is willing to deliver it. I’ve got 9 weeks left.

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