Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To sleep, perchance to have a drug trip

Seriously, these dreams are not even remotely normal any more.  For one thing, they’re continuous…all night, and then the early morning after I’ve just woken up.  I can control the dream then, for about ten minutes or so if I stay still and the house is quiet.  The “action” or plot of the dream freezes a little, but I can explore details or go look at things that I want to…like being in a museum exhibit of the dream I was having. And the dream content itself is…trippy.

But all that’s in the past.  It’s daytime!  And the paper is done…just finished it.  My resident Nitpick gets home at noon and he’s going to take a look, then I’m turning that sucker in and working on NO SCHOOL AT ALL for three weeks.  Then I start those two new classes.  I hope they’ll be fun.  I want to talk Nitpick into auditing one of them, because I think it would be fun to have him in discussion.  Something tells me they won’t let spouses take classes together.  Conflict of interest or something.

Other than that, not much going on.  I decided that, after like a year of staring at the unfinished project on my counter (how bad is that, is sits on the counter and I still don’t get it done) I was going to finish the Montessori binders last night.  So I did!  They are printed, copied, punched, bound, labeled, and on the shelf!!  I have two more to do, but they are both small and the instructor for the course hasn’t given us those materials so I’m not technically “done,” but I finished what was laying around my kitchen.  It’s a race to check off an item from the to-do list before I add another item.  (I lost.)

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