Friday, October 07, 2011

Foto Friday

Why not?  I’m just sitting here otherwise…putting off working on the quilt.  And the dishes.  Besides, it isn’t lunchtime yet but I’m getting hungry, so it’s either sit here or go forage and be sorry for it later.


A momentous day for our “new” car. Where does the time go?  Where do the miles come from?



At the horse stables…where cats are more interesting than horses.



Daddy’s first time on a horse (he did great!).



Baby playing with car, courtesy of V.  (No, he doesn’t really get the concept.  When Joe asks “Where is the baby?” his hip, stomach, behind, or whatever other portion of Joe’s body looks likely will get pointed at.  When I ask, he usually points to my stomach, but sometimes…other places.  Lol.)


  1. Yeah, I think Marko thinks "baby" is another word for "belly button," because he's always showing me his and yelling "BABY!"

  2. Hahaha! Yeah..."button" is it's own thing, and he's clear on that one, but the baby thing doesn't make sense yet. I mean, why would it, right? "There's a person inside. Don't ask me how it got there. Don't ask how it's getting out."

    The funniest was when I asked if "Daddy has a baby?" He pointed to Joe's butt without hesitation. Hilarious.