Friday, October 14, 2011

Somefink Wonderful

They’re quick takes, but the theme of my day is just so colored by #1, that it leaked over into the title.  Sorry.  You’ll recover.

1.  So, as of yesterday, our little family is officially school-debt FREE!  Smile  Yay!!  Not quite regular-debt free, there’s still some of that hanging around, but all of the dough shelled out for Christendom and its contribution to our lives is repaid in full to the grubby financial institutions to whom it was owed.  (Thanks, of course, to the Marine Corps’ hefty contribution, plus selling my car and teaching piano lessons.  Lol.  Totally worth every second.)

2.  When they say “Indian Summer” around here, they mean the industrial strength kind from the real India, in south Asia.  We’re talking about highs in the 80s several days in a row, despite continuous rain, and a yard full of plants that are utterly consufed by their surroundings.  Consufed.  Irises, pear trees, azaleas, and lilacs all going “Hey, spring!  Check out these flowers we made!”

3. Not wonderful, but slightly funny.  This morning I was putting out glue traps in the upstairs,just in case that brown stuff Joe found was mouse poop, and the noise I heard in the attic really was mice and not the Biggest Roach On Earth. 

I do. Really I do.

4. Making cookie dough to freeze today, as part of my plan to “use all the stuff in the cabinets” by secretly just re-purposing it into something fattening that either has to be kept frozen or eaten right away.  The bonus is cookies, but the downside is a freezer that seems to stay full no matter how seldom I go to the grocery store.

5. Speaking of grocery store, one of the [embarrassingly] cheap thrills I get out of Joe being deployed, or in the field, or on duty, or anyplace else he tends to be, is the fun of seeing how long I can go between trips to the grocery story.  My deployment record (not counting bananas and milk, which don’t exactly have a shelf life) was nine weeks.  I’m almost to three weeks now (again, not counting milk which I bought yesterday).  I love it.

6. My son said “Thank You” to me this morning, quite clearly and without any solicitation.  There is hope.

7. Four pages and counting into this final paper, and I’m just typing out quotes so far.  I haven’t gotten to nerve to go back and find out what the assigned length is for this thing…I almost don’t want to know.  If it’s short, I have to pare down the amount of [stuff] I’ve got by A LOT.  If it’s long, I have to say something intelligent in between all these quotes.  What’s a girl to do?  Like any self-respecting student, the first thing I did this morning when I hit a snag was to register for two more classes.  Never do today what you can register for next semester.

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