Sunday, May 15, 2011

Many Things

It’s been three years (today) since my one and only broadway appearance as a bridesmaid.  Ok, well…not really Broadway, but it was Christendom and that’s like the broadway of Catholic weddings.  Happy Anniversary, Cass!

In other news, I got really busy this week!  I worked, I taught, I cleaned, I got both V and myself to our regular checkups (plus vaccinations!  I’m amazing!), and we managed to have it all together in time for a visit from a friend!

Then yesterday we went out shopping, and to dinner, and to a movie, and then we came home and she altered a dress for me so that I’ll have some to wear to Confirmation tomorrow night.  Which is (surprise) where I’ll be the next two days!

Then I come home, teach for a day, then fly to Philadelphia to attend my brother’s graduation from college.  I will post pictures from that one.  So you see why the blog does *pfffffft* these days?  Whew.  Almost  done.

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