Tuesday, May 31, 2011


First, V has developed a rash all over his body, that looks suspiciously like Chicken Pox, but which couldn’t be because the only children he’s been in contact with in the past month are all vaccinated children.  Well, except for his cousins, and we know they don’t have chicken pox.  So.  Mystery there.  I’m going to give him a bath in the upstairs tub tonight (instead of the downstairs one, which I had just recently cleaned and prepared for his exclusive use) and see if perhaps this is all caused by whatever cleaning product residue might be in the tub.  Which is just a bizarre answer, but who knows.  Any answer beats me giving in tomorrow and going to the Doctor to be told, “Oh, he has a rash.”

Second, yes, Joseph is home.  Thank goodness all his family was here—people to fetch, carry, find, drive, watch, grill, wash, clean, and take one’s mind off all the emotional upheaval.  It was a great visit, and the homecoming itself was awesome.  I have pictures, someplace…under all the gear.

Third, as Joe mentioned, we’ll be going to a National Homeschooling Conference next week.  Planning on piling even more books to our already-plentiful stash.  I’m the first to admit.  We have lots of books.  We probably have too many books.  There might not be a dumber thing for a military family to stock up on and haul from country to country.  But.  We have no motorcycle, no flat screen TV, no game system, no weight bench, no treadmill, no turkey fryer.  The books stay.


  1. YAY! Joe's Home!!

    BOOO!! No funky rashes on baby V!!

    And books are a good "heavy stock item" - if they can be considered "military" - they don't count in your weight allowance, and if YOU use them for YOUR work, 500lbs of them don't count in your weight allowance... now, just to find out if "homeschooling teacher" will count as a profession for TMO... then again, if you pack them up, and mark them as "Professional Books"... they PROBABLY won't argue either way. They didn't for my college engineering stuff. Just an FYI for future moving dates ;) (the worst that could happen is they say "sorry lady, these have got to count" :)

    But no turkey fryer?!? We must remedy this. They're so good for so many things! Frying, for example... or boiling such goodies as corn on the cob in large quantities without heating up the house in the summer, and corned beef so as to not have your entire house smell like it for a week... or steaming/boiling sea-food, again, so your house doesn't smell like it for a week. yes, we must fix this ;)

  2. Allison says YEAH FOR JOE BEING HOME!!!!!

    oh yeah, and keep us posted on the spots.....