Friday, May 06, 2011

7 Quick Vacation Takes

Take One

I’m too lazy to use bold, and usually also too lazy to use italics.  Props to you people who do, thereby making posts more interesting and readable.


Take Two

Is anyone else out there utterly infuriated by the default double-spacing that all Windows word-processing software now employs?  Especially the software that’s too beta to allow you the option of changing said default?


Take Three

Enjoyed our time on the beach immensely, and then the visit to family in PA as well.  Did not enjoy the drive so much, mainly because it dragged on, but overall I was blessed with really great weather and fairly cooperative traffic.  So I can’t complain.


Take Four

There are some real nutballs out there in the wide world, and unfortunately it seems like the vast majority of them (or perhaps merely the loudest among them?) are Catholic, or purport to be so.  Howzat?


Take Five

My house is clean, but smells like only cats have lived here, in the stale air, for about a week.  I’m sure this is because, well, only cats have lived here for about a week.  As soon as the sun comes up I’m opening all the windows.  Sometimes I think long and hard about not having a pet.


Take Six

There’s a case-lot sale at the Commissary today.  I’m going over in a while, but the signs made me think of this post from a friend, from a while back.  Too funny.  My never-ending purchase of last year was blueberry muffin mix, but that’s hardly as onerous to “finish off” as a case of bologna.


Take Seven

Bah.  Now I can’t think of a seventh thing.  I’ll leave a picture instead.



  1. We gave away our cat (to a vet, so he's a happy guy) and we've never been happier. Just sayin'.

    Your little guy looks just like his father, oh my!

  2. I ended up at the commissary for case-lot day. However, I stayed far away from the big white tents and just got my cold cuts and got out of there, lol.