Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Quick Takes

OK, I missed a week because I was out of town.  And I think I missed a week before that.  Oh well.


I’m still very angry and frustrated that I can’t figure out how to change the default spacing in LiveWriter.  I look like a bozo who can’t justify or properly use the hard right return button.  But returning to Blogger to compose all my posts just seems like a terrible concession to make in the face of dumb programming.  Ugh.  I’m trapped.  Help!


Last Friday I was in Philadelphia.  Flying a delayed schedule with a toddler—not fun.


My piano tuner just called.  He’s coming two hours earlier than he said he would.  The problem with this is that I’ll be in town at an unmovable appointment until an hour after he wants to arrive.  Not sure how to solve this problem.


Had a friend’s little girl over to watch “Oklahoma!” last night…so much fun!  Now she has me wanting to watch the 1999 version with Hugh Jackman, which is evidently a frame-for-frame remake, since she kept telling me what was about to happen next in each scene.  And she was right.


Bible Study at my house is every last Wednesday of the month, for the young adult group on base.  We’re talking about 19-35 year olds, not highschoolers, and most are married and about half have kids.  Unless we tell them that there’ll be food (or booze), they’re not really good at showing up to stuff.  Thus, Bible study is often just me and the woman who runs the group.  This week, it was me, Theresa, and Father Jose.  He made it!  Yay!  But since there was no one else, we just talked about random stuff stuff.  Like, questions we had for him, or whatever.  Good times.  California Pizza Kitchen “Barbeque Chicken” pizza is the bomb.


I found new homes for my cats a couple weeks ago.  Don’t think that has been on the blog before…it’s a little sad, but also a big relief.  The problem?  Now my house is FULL of BUGS.  I knew that the pest population would increase without the cats around, but good-ness.  This is ridiculous.  I hate bugs.  If housing did something preventative about the issue, it might help.  But no.  They send you wasp spray if you see a wasp, ant traps if you see ants, and roach motels if you see a roach.  How about CLOSING the BORDER and checking these bugs’ PAPERS, eh?  Paco?  Whatcha say?


My buddy Sarah got a new car, so now I’m thinking about cars again.  Not good.  I’m not getting a new car.  Tell me I’m not getting a new car.  Please, someone.  Stage an intervention here.  Stop my brain from going down the new-car-smell rabbit hole.


  1. You crack me up! My favorite: Take six. :)

  2. I'm thinking about the Ford Fiesta myself... How about a lime green one?

  3. You don't need a new car.
    Suck it up and go buy a gallon of Home Defense and spray your house silly chica. Unless the buggers are going to do DAMAGE, there's no reason for property owners to care (aka, if it isn't termites or carpenter ants, you're on your own). AND the wasp spray kills wasps for months after you spray it too. I always sprayed the outside of the house perimeter, windows and the inside baseboards of doors and windows. All it takes is a trip to Home Depot and a slow walk around the house ;)
    And congratulations on getting all seven takes!!