Monday, May 02, 2011

Goodbye, Michael Scott

Someone I love will probably be embarrassed to see that this even made it to the blog, but oh well.  He was a dear and introduced me to The Office back in the good old days before I started teaching piano.  I had a sick self, a sick 2-month-old, and a husband who could fix himself food—so he handed me the remote and very patiently listened to my synopsis of each season as he came home from work in the evenings.  That was a week well spent.  On the couch.  Doing nothing but clicking “play next episode” and eating pop tarts.

Anyway. the final episode with Steven Carell aired on Thursday night, and it was sweet!  I just finished watching it, since we don’t have TV I get on the internet and watch trailing episodes once every couple of weeks.

One felt for him!  So sad, so bittersweet, so touching.  :)  It won’t be the same without him.  I’ll miss you, Michael!  But seriously, thank God there’s only like 3 episodes left and then the show is (rumored to be) done.  I’ve got to quit watching…


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  1. I think we all (my hubby, two teens) were a little misty eyed at the end… :(