Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Prayers, requests, peitions. A word to the Sponsor

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for an announcement. I like my Political Science class. Thank you.

Actually, you could take a walk over to Shameless Plagiarism and read Filia's comment about WYD, as it is an interesting thing, and I repeat here my plug about getting with my Sponsor. It's a funny thing, how Satan decides to capitalize on such opportunities. He's awfully tricky, and so nastily creative. I remember that being the bit in Screwtape Letters that struck me most: just how inventive and enterprising the evil one really is.

Of course, lately, everything for me has been roses and smiles and lots of Grace (which has recently acquired the strangest of nicknames in my dorm), since I'm back here in this beautiful place and God is just outside my door, literally. In fact, I still keep running over and peeking in His doorway, just to make sure he's still there. TTO'D told us on Sunday that, when he first went away to college, his father wrote him a little note than simply said, "Son, just remember that a red light burn always, in silence, and the Best Friend in the world is always waiting to hear from you." It was a cool thought, and I continue to pop into the BF's place from time to time. It's a pleasant thing, to have the chapel so convenient. One is allowed extra opportunities for pius reflection inside Church, where in the normal world one must work a little harder to make all reflection pius, though most of it happens outside Church. I'll grant you, having God so blastedly convenient makes practicing that other reflection so difficult! Who would bother training the mind to pray while washing dishes, when He and his holy silence are right there?

Okay, so maybe a lot of people would. I think this is going to be my project for a long time--learning to bring that silence out of the Church and take it with me everywhere, since I know full well that that Easy Access God and Grace Station (Like a 7/11, only different) is not something that will be available to me all my life. In fact, I only have approximately 27 more months left! So, I proceed to get myself geared up for dragging holy silence into the real world, where I will actually be needing it.


Back to the chapel, Betty.


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  2. Hey, you misspelled plagiarism, which makes the link invalid. I'm ejnoying your blog -- thanks to Amy Welborn's Open Book.

  3. Ah, me. Thanks so much, Jen! It comes of being careless, I suppose, and from being in a hurry! No more cutting-and-pasting late night html for me.

    Welcome! I'm so glad to have you on our program.

  4. Okay, now I have to giggle. I put a comment in, telling you about a misspelling in your blog. And what do I do but misspell!?!

  5. I assumed it was done on purpose, as I always mispell that 'particuler' word when making a comment about spelling. (-:

    You may still giggle. This is not a giggle-free blog.

  6. Yeah-yeah. There must be something about the word plagiarism, because when I first set up that bloody site I miss-spelled it myself. Thankfully I have erudite friends who actaully know how to spell (because they themselves are not plagiarists I suppose)

    Any rate, thanks for the link. If I survive my first week of Senior Year I'll post something entertaining about World Youth Day there. In the end we all survived, but it was definitely an experience that confirmed the primacy of the spiritual over the material