Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Wowsers. I've been linked by Amy Welborn. Terror strikes at my very heart, as I frantically scan my little brain for material on which to blog. It's a programming blackout...there's no feed...

Actually, the fact that I have a class beginning in nine minutes may have something to do with my lack of "with it-ness." Something about impending discussions of Beowulf and the like do sad things to my little brain.

I can, however, once again direct you to my sponsor. A group of students from school are once more gearing up to travel into the big city every saturday and pray outside the abortion clinic run by Planned Parenthood. We're working on revving up participation, fundraising, and even the size of the program itself, so please keep us all in your prayers.

The ministry of being there, in person, outside a clinic, and praying for these men and women who enter the building is something powerful to behold. I find myself in admiration and awe of those dedicated souls who get up in the dark and chilly hours of the morning, rain or shine, no matter the temperature or other extenuating circumstances, and go to be a martyr for Christ, in the witnessing sense of the word.

Remember us!


  1. Proud of you! :o)

    You'll eventually think of something.


  2. glad it didn't happen to you like it did to me the day I compared Eminem to the Moor of Freising on the Pope's coat of arms.