Sunday, August 14, 2005

The first (second) post.

By rights, this should go first, but I have decided to imitate dear old Ludwig von B, and have my second actually come to life, or at least public domain, before my first. Hence, the following:

And with such fanfare and glory as might otherwise overturn a small boat, I proceed to make an electronic splash into the world of blogging. My computer does not recognize this gerund "blogging." Hmm.

Well, as I say, here I am. So this is what blogging is about. Putting my thoughts on a cute little templated website (computer does not recognize verb form ‘templated’, either) for anyone to read who happens to stumble into my little electronic world. Wow.

I’m thinking about being amazed. However, my thoughts are rapidly running dry. I suspect that someone else’s words might do you more good than my own. I’ll put some of those up. Cheers.


  1. Welcome back, you little pack-rat.

    So are you AM or FM? AM Radio can be interesting at midnight...

  2. I'm tuning you out...

    Yes, I am indeed the world's greatest packrat. Dig my html skills, though. I'm so proud.