Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What's been on Jennifer's phone for the last three months?

Quite a bit of stuff. Because I have a StupidPhone (as opposed to a Smart one), I have to go and take the little card out, and find the adapter, and put it in the computer, and copy and paste. Yeah. It takes time. Which I never have. And effort. Which I rarely put out. But whatev. Here's some things for you, many of which actually were taken with putting them on the blog in mind. But I forget. And things from four months ago are...well, not as interesting as they would have been, uh, four months ago:

Six men carrying a baby grand. MUCH easier than when Joe and the seller moved it into the house alone. Also, obviously, V watching the progress. He sat there for like a half hour.

Me at the governor's palace at Williamsburg (this is from Thanksgiving--seriously, things stay on my phone forever!)

One of my RCIA students being received into the Church on the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Giving Baby Jesus some sugar.

Pesto-Parmesan breadsticks. Which I ate.

Pop tart + car seat = Silence. (aka "totally worth the horrible and disgusting mess")

I swear, this cat...

We drove all the way to the beach last week so we could "wave" at Daddy. There was more splashing than waving done. Did I mention it was 46 degrees?

Saturday morning's hair--before mommy shaved it all off with a #4.

I looked for these for over two hours. Please don't laugh.


  1. oh, we laughed!

    i love the beach picture - you need to sing 'my daddy lies over the ocean"! We used to when we were young....
    love you guys!

  2. Yummy breadsticks! Makes me hungry!
    I always do things like your key incident. I'm so scatterbrained.
    It is SO worth the mess to give a baby WHATEVER will keep them quiet. I have lots of experience in that area, haha!
    Beautiful governor's palace.

  3. I'm sorry. I laughed. Before I could read that you asked me not to. Not that I would have been able NOT to, because I've totally been... almost there. Never on a lightswitch... Oh, and it wasn't like a silent "lol" laugh but a "pffffffftttt! *giggle giggle* he he he" combo. It was a good laugh. I love you. have I reminded you of that lately? Fabulous. Truly... fabulous. And I love V... perfect man pose. (and I like his new haircut, which I'm glad you finally mentioned when he got it) And the bread sticks look delicious. And I'll work on posting alcoholic beverages on my blog again ;) And... that's all I have for now :)

  4. The wave at daddy thought made me smile. Cute kid!

  5. Oh I LOVE Williamsburg! Such a pretty place! :) I grew up in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake- we would go out to Williamsburg a lot- especially to the outlets! ;)

    Those breadsticks look AMAZING! And sorry, I totally laughed at your expense with the keys. I do stuff like that ALL the time! Makes me glad I'm not the only one!

  6. holy breadsticks i want all of them!
    i also want a little boy, with saturday morning hair of course. ;)

  7. I laughed, sorry. You need t5o share your yummy looking bread stick recipe!

  8. i seriously want like 7 of those breadsticks. i'm such a sucker for carbs.