Saturday, February 05, 2011

LAST Weekend

Sorry for the long break there, fans. It's been...well, regular life. I'm just lazy with da bloggie.

Anyway. I have sooooooooo many wonderful pictures from my trip last weekend, but I know Blogger is going to be all retarded and not let me post things like I want, so I'm picking my top ten faves (still a lot of pictures...where is their server, anyway, Nairobi?) and letting them set the tone. Maybe I'll post sequel sets of pictures every weekend for the next, oh, ten years or so until I get them all up. Maybe not. Here goes the Top Ten from Janaury 29ths' "First LEGO League North Carolina State Tournament:"


We are talking about some serious firepower in the 9-14 age range. Plus their parents. Plus the college students who were working the event.

The Bot!

Big Brother--definitely key in the whole process. I wish I had better pictures of them switching out attachments on the very cool.

It took lots of concentration.

And looking to Mom for hints and help--she wasn't allowed within a certain foot radius of the tables.

We needed a scorekeeper.

And a fan section. With posters. No painted stomachs, though.

Breaks are also very key.

There were disappointing moments. (A clear winner emerged in the "expressive face" category, though.)

And heartwarming teamwork--people came to our spot in the pit to congratulate and encourage the homeschool team. They were impressed by what one family was able to do. And we were all like totally "well, duh!" and, like, right? It was neat to watch the kids work together.

And this pretty much sums up how we all felt at the end of the day. Pretty much.

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  1. Yes, thank you, I realize this is more than ten. Be grateful. ;)

    Also, please don't make me explain what all this vent was about in the first place. Visit Consoling His Heart.