Thursday, February 10, 2011

Country Music

This is what long trips will do to me—get thoughts going in my head, whether or not that’s a safe prospect. This time, it was all that chance to listen to the radio and think about, well, country music. Because that’s what I was listening to. Three different stations’ worth of down-home, good-time, yee-haw music. Also a Raleigh station, but it gets pretty lousy reception everywhere around home except the bypass between the bridge and 258. Go figure.


I’m listning to this music, and realizing several things about it. First of all, as popular music goes, it’s a much more “Godly” alternative to the crap that’s on the rock, pop, R&B, rap, and alternative stations. There are country songs about God. About family. About soldiers. About love. About getting married. About being happy with what you have. About Jesus. You gonna hear this stuff anywhere else? I think not. (This is leaving aside the Christian station. That’s another post. Also, Christian music is almost wholly a subset of Country music, so let’s not go there today.)

These are people who care about their country, who appreciate the sacrifices the military makes, who understand that commitment in family and marriage is a thing to be striven for—and people who hold and respect a long tradition of music making that has felt the same way for over fifty years. I love it.

Also the words are usually hysterical.


  1. With you 100% on this one! I've always liked country music, but these days, I'm increasingly shocked by the themes, words, and poor musicality of the rest of pop music! Country is still a far cleaner thing, often far more clever and witty, and frequently, quite pleasantly ridiculous. :) Three cheers for country music!

    Incidentally, I'm one of those quiet lurkers who enjoys your blog without usually identifying myself.

    God bless!
    Christine Smitha

  2. As always, Jennifer, well said. I don't listen to anything but Country and occasionally Christian music (the Christian station here plays the same five songs in succession it seems). So, when people ask me if I've heard of this or that song on the pop/R&B station, I say no. I know where my allegiance lies. ;)

  3. i don't listen to country very often ( my hubby does almost exclusively) but i really like how most country songs are patriotic and supportive of our military. deployments are hard, but i'm so glad to have found more milspouses through the blogging community, i had no idea how much support was out there!!