Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A New Year

So, here's V enjoying the snow at my grandparents' over the Christmas holiday. It was a wild ride, as usual, complete with trips to bookstore and long drives to science museums. After all, I hardly ever get to ride in the car. Right?

Today is the first "real" day back home, as family is gone for good now, and even dear friends :) who stopped in on their way back home have moved on down the road. Now it really is just me and the kid. This nice part about this is that I'm nearly halfway done with the week's lessons already (halfway is actually at 3pm today), so I have only a half week of work left to do. The not nice part is that my new classes started on Monday and I'm still behind on the old ones. So. Oops.

And here's mah boy with his Gramma New Year's Day:


  1. Glad you're both home safe and sound....he's still a cutie! : )

  2. I <3 your child. He's too cute. And don't you LOVE driving somewhere far away, to be driven somewhere else far away?!?

  3. I'm so glad we had a chance to see you before Christmas. :) Happy New Year to you all.