Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow!!

I haven’t taken any good pictures yet, and blogger is being a pill so it doesn’t matter what kind of pictures I take they still won’t post, but there’s SNOW outside!  I think we’re probably pushing 2 inches out there, which is pretty impressive for the southern end of the North Carolina coast.  Wowie.  V was so excited, crawling all over my head and banging on the window at the snow.  It’s so pretty, too.  Nice big flakes, so soft and peaceful and quiet outside.  I love it.  Just don’t ask me to get out in it, at all.

Other than that, feeling really good about school this week.  I got everything that ought to be turned in, turned in last night, and also participated in two of the non-mandatory boards for the “third” class on my schedule.  It’s the standout favorite for the new semester, too.  “Great Military Philosophers.”   Right up my alley.  I still have two major assignments to turn in, but both have had their page limits reduced dramatically, such that the TOTAL due pages due by Thursday night is only 14.  Which is like, ppppsh.  Nothin.

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