Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, continued.

Because, even though I did a full day's worth of driving (6.5 hours) and a full day’s worth of teaching (3 hours), yesterday was technically part of the holiday.  And I didn’t do any school yesterday.  I went to bed instead.  So here is a post, as I go into hour 36 of my “Monday.”

Something is amiss with my child.  I might be his teeth.  It might be his tummy.  It might be his head.  But I think it’s his attitude.  Because he shore does have one.  And I’m going to go insane dealing with him.  I can’t take the climbing, writhing, crying, difficult little boy much longer.  Argh!


  1. I would so take your child off your hands for an hour or two at least... if I was in NC. And I'm done with MY share of Mr. Website. The rest is up to daddy now... and since it's a favor... we'll see.

  2. Oh, I would soooo love to come help keep the munchkin occupied!!!! Instead, I have to rewrite a paper on Plato and write a paper on Wolff and Bernstein. grrrr....I would much rather deal with a fussy, whinning child! :)

  3. Ick. Sorry you're having trouble, Jennifer. Elizabeth was like that when Richard was gone in the Fall, and I'm concerned she'll get like that with the deployment.