Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And furthermore

It’s funny, so many years after I had started the blog (and named it, at the time mainly just because it sounded cool, even though the psalm in my title bar lends it some credence), I’ve turned out to actually have a little “midnight radio” all of my own.  Because of the time difference, if I stay up reeeeeeeeeeeeeally late, some nights I get to gchat (or skype chat) with Joseph for a little while before he begins his day.  This is such a blessing.  There’s a long list of people, too, who would probably come and eat my bones for snacks if they found out how lucky I am—most people are feeling good if they get a one line email every two weeks.  Most people’s husbands are living in 2-man tents and the nearest internet is 45 miles away.

So yes.  If I stay up good and late, I might get to “talk” with my best friend.  :)  Totally worth it.


  1. Haha, I certainly would not eat your bones because of that. :) Glad you get to talk to him once in awhile.

    I'm kind of in the same boat with my family being in Korea. If we want to talk, one of us has to be up early and the other has to be up late. I was feeling complain-y about it when I missed them at Christmas, but this makes me feel better. At least they do have a phone! (Actually, there are TONS of blessings I can count with that ... like having my husband home every day. Don't know how you ladies manage, but I'm glad you're finding a way.)

  2. :-D I'll be the first to admit that if hubby wasn't home, I'd be SUPER JEALOUS of you right now. But he is, so instead, I'm SUPER HAPPY that you get to talk with Joe. It really can make ALL the difference to get that communication, even if it's just "Goodnight, I love you."