Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something else--Amiable Post

Note the total lack of ads on my blog. Not even any sidebar buttons. I selleth not items with my blog, I really don't. This is partially because I don't have anything to sell, and partially because I'm too lazy to maintain the blog in such a fashion that it would ever earn money. Please take this paragraph as (a) an indicator that I don't make a habit of turning myself into a highly caffeinated internet ad, as well as (b) a note that you should take this totally seriously, since I don't make it a habit and therefore I must really really really mean it, right?


I bought something pretty today, and it makes me happy to have bought it. Part of it has this picture on it:And part of it has other pictures. (I made this one small on purpose. No "save image as" for you. I'm the only one who does that to my bud's pics. Do as I say, not as a do.) They were taken by Betsy, the sick-in-Virginia friend who I blogstalk and talk about all the time when she isn't looking. She makes really beautiful things with her photographs, like the things I just bought. She sells them here: SomethingBetsy on Etsy and I seriously recommend going to her site and checking out the wares. I'm rockin' Christmas gifts this year from her shop, because I think the art is pretty and I like what she does with it. Oh, and also it doesn't require me going further than the mailbox to get it. No stores, lines, gas money, traffic, or people saying "Happy Holidays" because they aren't allowed to say Christmas. I love it. Just be careful, because if you get started looking at ALL the shops on etsy, you'll end up broke. And you'll need a bigger house to hold everything you bought.

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