Tuesday, October 05, 2010


This is new. People finally get back to sleep and quit fussing at me, then I can’t go to sleep myself. How nice. It’s ok, though. I can sleep in (HA!) later if I need to, and I just got a cool hour’s worth of work done on all the message boards. For the record, I am currently enrolled in:

HIST501: Historiography. The class with the paper from hell. Three weeks to go on this semester, and the comments back on my rough draft were, well….never mind. It irritates me that the rough draft is and will always be worth 10 percent more than the final, but whatev. The price we pay for not knowing that “prose padding” is a no-no in graduate level classes.

HIST500: Historical Research Methods. Not a gimme class, exactly, because the reading level for discussion boards was pretty high, but this one wasn’t as bad at the first one. Again, three weeks to go, and a huge research proposal is all that’s left. Not a big deal, except for actually having to write it.

HIST551: The American Revolution in Context. Looks like fun, several smaller papers and what looks like a biweekly discussion board. A [bleep] ton of reading, though. I had to buy like four books, which is nice for adding to the collection upstairs, but does not bode well for my Bejeweled high score.

MILH510: Survey of US Military History. A bear of a thing, mainly because there’s a bunch of motarded professional students in the class; people with 3, 4, and 5 masters who haunt the message boards and make nuisances of themselves with copiously long posts. This class also looks doable, with small papers rather than a huenormous one, but the professor is pretty hard, uh, bottomed. Could be interesting.

(also, I wrote all of this but the final two sentences at 0350 this morning, when I woke up)


  1. So what you're saying is "See you in 3 weeks" :-P P.S. I feel like sharing, and I'm typing here... so... I'm "breaking in" new shoes for a wedding, and I can't tell if it's the lack of heat in the house right now, or the fact that they're a TINGE too tight, but my feets are AWFULLY cold. This does not feel like a good plan, considering the wedding is up north at the end of Oct. OH well, they're CUTE! :-D

  2. did i know you were here? : ) so nice to know there is company at o-dark hundred!

    say hey to the boys!