Thursday, September 09, 2010


Several toofers around here lately. My son (at a whopping 10.5 months old) has decided to start growing a tooth. This is exciting, primarily because the coming of the tooth was not heralded by much sadness, weeping, loss of sleep, or other unpleasantries. On the contrary—he’s been a very happy child for quite a while now. The clue came a week ago, when he began displaying a new set of skills with his tongue. Why is he doing that, we wondered, and now we know. He was playing with his new tooth. How fun.

Also, you’re getting two blog posts fer one day. Good for you.

Also, I survived my first week of [almost] all my piano students coming as scheduled. It should be a fun ride, though Wednesday and Thursday afternoons might get a little hairy. It’s great when students are sibling pairs, because the other kid just can’t be stopped from playing with V. Thusly, he is occupied happily for the whole hour. It’s the onsies that come with their mums that are a little less smooth, and when there’s several onesies and mumsies in a row, we get itchy about the edges. Oh well. I did ok, no one got up at the end and said, “Never mind, we’ll find another piano teacher.” And they all paid me, so everything must be fine. One week down, 51 to go. Well, probably less than that, because people don’t take in the summertime. Tell you what, though, I’m already looking forward to Christmas break.


  1. a TOOF!! :-D And you just need to get those mumsies to fall in love with V ;) Or somehow develop a time-warp device that you can beam me down there and I'D play with V while you teach those onesies.

  2. Yay!! A tooth! Very handy tool to have around the house. :)

  3. Two teef, actually. I spotted the second one this morning. :)