Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, it's been a crazy ride around here the last couple weeks. I got that dratted assignment turned in, received a response almost immediately from the professor that she was having such significant technical difficulties with grading that she was disregarding the stated deadline and counting nothing as tardy. So: Jen -1, Academic Establishment -0
We're figuring out the trailer, slowly but surely. V like the ride, hates the helmet, and we compromise by letting it sit next to him in the trailer "just in case." If the MPs stop us I'll be like "Oh, it was on his head when we left!" Which would be a lie. Oh well. Anyway. Biking without a helmet is all fine and good, but looking at the coffee table without a helmet is not as safe:

Nothing like your baby's first Shiner to make you feel good about toddling off for the evening to Casino Night. I had a blast, won about $5000 in fake money, gave it all to the Chaplain as I left, and didn't take a single picture to show for it. Ah well. That's me, right? So after winning fake money all weekend, il mio spouseo decided that he hadn't had enough camping yet for the summer, so he headed out into the wilds for a week with the battalion. In the meantime, my family stopped in for a very short visit, bringing Benny, who is too young to be left alone in the house:

Benny likes long walks on the curtains, romantic baby food dinners, and naps in your shoe. Benny also likes when you read him books [not pictured--cat]:

Meanwhile, I work on the PAPER FROM HECK and finish all the discussion boards for the week. They're cutting off our free money program for school, too, so I registered for two semesters' worth of classes this morning. Nothing like sending the government a $3600 bill for your education. That will get me through exactly half of the required credit hours. Now, to dig up another four grand....

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  1. he may have a shiner, but he's stinkin HANDSOME in that photo! :-P