Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paddling the Knew

This is escapism, pure and simple. I should be sleeping, or assembling the bookshelves, or finishing the laundry, or sending out class notes, or writing, or doing one of the other dozen things that I haven’t done yet because of the total fullity (this is now a real word) of the day.

But I’m not. I’m writing a postie for the bloggie instead. When I’m done with the postie for the bloggie, I’m going to sneak into bed with my babbie and wait there until my spousie gets off the phone with his mummie, at which point we’ll all go to sleepie.

LONG freakin’ day, can’t you tell?


  1. You escape by blogging. I escape by reading said blog. Thank you for the brief respite from my homework. :D I will now go back to an indepth look at the struggle between the Israelis and Palestinians.

  2. You actually went out and got new bookshelves?!?