Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free Toofs!

Two on the bottom, one on the top. Nothing like progress, eh? Also, the child is learning how to leverage himself against piece of furniture A in order to climb onto piece of furniture B. This is interesting, and amazing, and a little scary. After all, up until now I know I can leave him in the living room (only room in the house where this applies) and know that he’ll still be on the floor, and undamaged, when I get back. No longer.

Also (ugh) learned this morning that I had failed to turn in an assignment due on Sunday. This is, I realize, my own fault. I’m a big girl, and I could have written down the date for turning in the assignment. Still, you’d think that the Big Girl who is teaching the class would have the good sense to occasionally remind her [busy, working adult, professional educator] students when things are coming due. Blah. Stupid world.

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